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Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Retreat at Sandbridge Beach, VA or a Week in Heaven!

For the past week I have been living at the beach in a 9 bedroom house ...eating, drinking, sewing, creating and just spending some quality "girl" time with 13 fabulous ladies. What could be better, right? We've watched movies and eaten tons of food (although I have been very good because I am eating Paleo and have pretty much stuck to my hubby and my new way of eating...yes!).

So what have I accomplished you ask?

Here's a photo of the first one:

Here's me on hands and knees putting this quilt together row by row.


Here's another one of me working on this quilt. It's a present for my niece and her husband who have only been married about a year!

Here's the finished top hanging over the railing. It's for a queen sized bed but it seems really big!  

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