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Sunday, June 30, 2013

More Diaper Clutches Ready to Go

Last week I shared a 15 minute Diaper Clutch I made for a friend's daughter's baby shower. I later decided to add a button from my stash to the front which really adds a nice finish. You can't see the texture too well. Too bad because it was quite pretty.

That one went so smoothly, I made two more for my friend's daughters who are both having babies soon. Here's one of them quilted but not yet bound. I needed to run the Joann's to get some bias binding.

Here's the process of quilting the next one. I played around with both and love how they both turned out!

Here's the quilted clutches still not bound.

And her are both of them finished, filled and just about ready to go to each of the girls.

 I used a coordinating fabric for both on the inside and used Velcro loop closures with buttons on the outside for decoration.

Here's the inside of the blue one. I bought the smallest diapers. Hope they aren't too small. They look as thought they would fit a tiny doll! I also threw in a package of diaper wipes and some bio-degradable wipes in each.

Here's a closer look at the old button I put on this clutch. I is a turquoise with silver in the center. It may have come from my Grandmother's button box.

I need to get back to work on my Tardis block. I did pick up a pillow form today. Our weather has been a bit stormy this week and I  have ended up with three days in a row of Migraines. Unlike some people, it does not accentuate my creativity. It makes me just not want to do much of anything...especially by the third day. I did go to a dinner and a movie with friends last night after a long but fun day at work filled with programs for families. And Thursday evening I went to my hubby's Retied Navy Musician's Reunion. All in all not a terribly productive week but not the worst. A little work, a little play and a little creativity...not bad for a 3 migraine week!

Sunday, June 23, 2013

Where has the time gone?

I am sooo bad! No sewing and no posting in almost 2 weeks! Yikes!

Today I decided to get at least one thing done. Okay, so it's a 15 minute diaper clutch. It didn't really take 15 minutes because I actually quilted mine but it didn't take long at all. I am not and never have been good at putting on bias binding but it turned out okay. A friend's daughter is having a baby shower next week. I can't go but I can at least send a little gift.

Kelli is having a boy so I thought this fabric would work. It's not the colors of her room or anything but I think she'll like it. I'll throw in the whole package of tiny baby diapers that look like they are made for a doll and a package of wipes and another package of baby power scented bio-degradable bags to dispose of the diapers in. Here's the inside fabric. What do you think? 

It was fun to make and super quick. Here's where I got the idea:

Check out the tutorial at "I am momma hear me roar" at the link above. Thanks, Cheri! I would never have been able to make something for this shower without this great idea. I'll be making more of these!

Now if I can just get the Tardis pattern to work for my daughter-in-laws birthday present, I will be doing good! I promise to try to post again in less than 2 weeks...

Thursday, June 6, 2013

VBMQG Charity Top completed and TARDIS Fabric

I didn't sew all week but I did get this top put together last weekend. As with all such tops, there were a few problem children in the lot of blocks. Someone somehow mixed in a very stretchy fabric so I had to replace a couple of blocks. No big deal. I made 4 in all. Now it will move on to another kind soul for batting and backing. Then yet another will most likely quilt it and perhaps one more person will bind it. Lots of steps. But that's how quilts are made...

My friend, Mary of, recently made a TARDIS in a QAL on Flickr. Right after that I realized my daughter-in-law would love to have one. She doesn't quilt so I think I'll make her's into a pillow, which I know she would use. Below is one of the background fabric I purchased to use in the pillow from Spoonflower The first one is called The Untempered Schism by scrummy. 

The second fabric from Spoonflower is called wibbly wobbly timey wimey stuff by spacefem. I am going to try to make the pillow this weekend. Stay tuned! 

If you aren't familiar with Spoonflower, artists submit their designs often for contests. People order fabric made by the designs. You can submit anything yourself to be printed on fabric if you wish to make your own fabric but don't know how to get it in print. At least I think that's how it works. It's a great idea and they have some very cool prints. Check it out if you have never gone there.