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Sunday, June 23, 2013

Where has the time gone?

I am sooo bad! No sewing and no posting in almost 2 weeks! Yikes!

Today I decided to get at least one thing done. Okay, so it's a 15 minute diaper clutch. It didn't really take 15 minutes because I actually quilted mine but it didn't take long at all. I am not and never have been good at putting on bias binding but it turned out okay. A friend's daughter is having a baby shower next week. I can't go but I can at least send a little gift.

Kelli is having a boy so I thought this fabric would work. It's not the colors of her room or anything but I think she'll like it. I'll throw in the whole package of tiny baby diapers that look like they are made for a doll and a package of wipes and another package of baby power scented bio-degradable bags to dispose of the diapers in. Here's the inside fabric. What do you think? 

It was fun to make and super quick. Here's where I got the idea:

Check out the tutorial at "I am momma hear me roar" at the link above. Thanks, Cheri! I would never have been able to make something for this shower without this great idea. I'll be making more of these!

Now if I can just get the Tardis pattern to work for my daughter-in-laws birthday present, I will be doing good! I promise to try to post again in less than 2 weeks...


  1. I haven't sewn anything for 3 months. Next year I am going to just assign Mid April - June 1 for gardening. We bought a new car - had to get a new driveway - broke up parts of the irrigation. Irrigation folks will be here July 1 so I can start to put my front yard back together.
    I am trying to help Sarah get traffic. She can seat 14 at table for machines. Cute diaper bag

  2.'s for Shelley's daughter, Kelli. I saw Courtney today with her kids at the library.