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Thursday, September 12, 2013

The Monkey Queen and Miss Addie

So here's our sweet, Alyssa with her new quilt and the two monkeys I sent her. She is such a wonderful girl. Keep praying for her if you've been reading this. She's still having lots of issues. She was able to come home but now she has a fever that is threatening to send her back to the hospital soon. I know the beginning of treatments like this can be very difficult. My heart just goes out to her. No child this age should ever have to deal with something is awful!

Here's another picture. The monkeys are super soft. I hope they help to comfort her when she's having a tough time!

And here's a closer picture of the finished quilt. It's very simple and I even machine stitched the binding which I never do. I 'm never happy with how that looks but in this case I felt speed trumped perfection! 

Now just to lighten the mood...Let me give you a little background on our Miss Addie...the Queen. She is a vibrant woman who has lived her life to the fullest and will not allow anything or anyone to keep her down! She may be slowing down a little with age but she still manages to get into plenty of trouble  stay active, quilt, paint, travel and do whatever her little heart desires into her 80s. When her husband was ill she traded her "boring" Lexus in on a Mini Cooper. Her children thought they were too dangerous and forced her to go back to a "safe" Lexus. So when Joe passed away she went right down and bought herself a tiny, bright yellow Smartcar and had it detailed! (Don't miss the licence plate). She's been merrily driving it ever since! You cannot miss her coming down the street! It is a sight to on the lookout if you come to Virginia Beach. There is only one smartcar here like it and only one Miss Addie!

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