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Friday, August 7, 2015

New Beginnings

It's time to finally get back to my blog. Have you missed me? It's amazing how times flies. It seems like it hasn't been that long when in reality it's been forever. I will try to be better and do at least two posts a month.

Probably two years ago now (or is it longer?), my niece, Keezia, married a wonderful man, Grant Bostwick. They have been living in Australia for the past couple of years. I was finally able to meet Grant and give them the quilt I made for their wedding this past June in Maui, Hawaii. We were all there for another wedding. Her oldest sister, EJ, married another wonderful man, Scott Vick, in one of the most beautiful destination weddings I've ever attended. I missed Keezia and Grant's but by all accounts it was fabulous as well. Their wedding was in Mexico deep in a jungle retreat.

I have to say Keezia and Grant's reaction to their quilt was not only heart warming, it was one of the best compliments a quilter can receive. They said the colors were perfect for their room. Then Keezia said "I know I told you what I wanted, but this is exactly what I wanted and I didn't even know it!" I had been second guessing myself and was not at all sure they were even going to like the quilt!

Keezia and Grant with wedding quilt.

Here is a picture from my other niece's wedding in Maui. The setting couldn't have been more beautiful, nor could my niece. I chose this picture because it is one they will not likely forget. The minister was quite eloquent throughout the ceremony until it came time to introduce the couple. He introduced them as EJ and Vicky...the wedding party consisting of both of their children, two adult girls and two boys the youngest of which is still in High School, roared with laughter. After that he had a bit of trouble regaining his composure.I think light moments like this should be built into every serious ceremony!

Mr. and Mrs.Scott Vick

 Before the wedding I asked EJ what kind of a quilt she would want. Knowing that we are serious Packers fans, she was afraid I might be upset with her, which, of course, I could never be. She wanted to know if I would mind making her a Seahawks quilt. They entertain friends for the Seahawks games at their home all season long when they aren't attending a game in person and they wanted something to show their pride in their team. Below is what I created. At my husband's behest I did quilt a small "jewel" in the quilt that they have yet to notice. My husband can't wait to give them a call during the first Packers/Seahawks game this fall to make sure they find it.

Here are a few pictures of the process I used to make this quilt. The seahawk is appliqued and thread painted. I then cut it from the original piece and appliqued it to a permanent background adding more thread painting and quilting. 
The bottom section is painted, then quilted. 

Sketch and painting

Background chosen

You might be able to make out my little "jewel" if you look close at this view of the quilt!
I hope EJ sees this and thinks of her Grandma George. This is just the type of playful addition to a quilt she would have loved!

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