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Sunday, July 28, 2013

Dr Who ...Who Knew!

Let me begin at the beginning. A month or so ago, my good friend, Mary, found a Dr. Who QAL on Flickr. Silly me, mentioned this on Facebook in a conversation that came up about a Tardis. Now if you are not a Dr. Who fan, you might not know the phone booth/police box thingy(technical term sorry) is called a Tardis. Of course, my DIL, Caity, thought that would be wonderful and she had to have one. The journey began. I found the paper pieced block and thought, no sweat, I do paper piecing. I can do this! Close to a month later I finally got the little stinker made into something useful I can give Caity. There was much cussing (in the privacy of my home with no one listening) and fussing before this was accomplished!Of course, I wanted HAD to use some Spoonflower fabric created for Dr. Who fans that had wavy words in it. If you have ever paper pieced, you know getting things to line up in a particular direction is challenging at times. I don't know, maybe my head was just not if the right place. I was a bit stressed at work but this little baby pushed my limits! 

Would I do it again? My first thought is hell NO, but in reality, I already purchased an even harder PP pattern I'd like to do for my hubby one day. It makes this one look like child's play...but I won't be doing it right away!

Above is the photo of the finished front of my Tardis block with borders. I went on to quilt the front and make an envelope case for a pillow form. I thought Caity would get more use out of this than a wall hanging.

Here is the finished pillow front complete with pillow form. I love how it turned out in spite of the problems it gave me! I think she will enjoy the Dr. Who fabric since she's obviously a fan of the show.

This is the fabric I chose for the back, also a Spoonflower fabric designed for Dr Who. In case you have never heard of  Spoonflower, it is a sight where you can design your own fabric or purchase fabric others have designed. They have some interesting fabrics you will not find anywhere else. Check it out!

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  1. I think that the pillow is a great idea. When we first moved to England, we had no idea who was Dr. Who?!!! It just goes on and on. I have had lots of out of town company this summer. I cook and clean!!!!! Love to have them here, but..........