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Saturday, August 24, 2013

Sewing, a Teen Craft and a Beautiful Sunset in Virginia Beach!

By now, if you follow this blog, you have come to accept that I post as frequently as I am able which sometimes is not too often. In the past month the Modern Quilt Guilds of DC and Maryland participated with the Virginia Beach Modern Quilt Guild to do a secret swap between members of the various groups. Earlier I posted the bag I made and the goodies I sent with my bag. Today I am posting the adorable bag I got from Jessica. 

In my bag were a lovely handmade card, a handle for a rotary cutter, a cute fat quarter of fabric and a seam ripper.

Here's the inside fabric of my bag which was a cool salmon colored paisley print.

Last night Staff from the Virginia Beach Public Libraries threw our yearly Teen Summer Reading Challenge Finale for TAG (Teen Advisory Group) and Teen SRC Volunteers. We had 69 teens attend, which was awesome! 

The night consisted of making a Zentangles Inspired 3-D Craft, making Altered "Altoid Tin" Suitcases to go along with our SRC theme, "Have Book Will Travel", and a language inspired activity. 

For the language activity, teens were divided into groups, given a script in a foreign language and asked to perform a skit using various props provided. When they were done, what the scripts actually said in English was revealed. We also included an hour long Manhunt which is always a hit and requested begged for shamelessly by all the teens! Think "Tag" plus "Hide and Seek" in a large, dark library with hordes of teens and copious amounts of staff running around for an hour. It's a combination that never fails to delight the teen population! 

Whenever we provide a large teen program like this, I come away with a feeling of great accomplishment and a sense of well being knowing there are so many polite, talented, smart and eager young adults out there! I love seeing how well they interact with each other and staff. Of course, that is mingled with a feeling of overwhelming exhaustion and relief that it's over!

Below is the Altered "Altoid Tin" Suitcase I made for an example yesterday afternoon. Susan Hampe, a co-worker from Central Library, came up with the idea for the program. She, Crystal Parker from Kempsville Library and I from Pungo-Blackwater Library provided the materials and instruction for the teens. Susan had a couple of great examples as well, but I forgot to take pictures to post! Many pictures were taken by staff and when they are posted, I'll include some of the tins made by the teens, Susan and Crystal. Crystal didn't have access to the materials to make one ahead of time but she made a nice one during the program as well.

Here's the inside of my tin. We painted 90 tins before this program so they would have at least a base coat of paint on them. Many of the teens chose to paint theirs other colors as well as Decoupage items to their tins. It never fails to amaze me when I see the creative ideas they come up with! Stay tuned and I will reveal pictures in the next week or so.

So this part has nothing to do with sewing, quilting or crafts of any kind. I wanted to share a couple of photos of our fabulous sunsets here in Virginia Beach.

Until we meet again...may the end of the summer bring you peace and happiness. Fall is just around the corner!

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