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Friday, January 31, 2014

Finished More 12 x 12s!

As always I am incredibly behind. For the past two years my friends and I, the Quilt Sluts or if you prefer the more watered down version, Quilt Workers, have been working on a quilt challenge. We were inspired by the quilts from the book, Twelve by Twelve: The International Art Quilt Challenge by Brenda Gael Smith 


And here is my 

I need to block all of them I think to straighten them up nicely but all in all, I'm pretty satisfied. My original plan was to make them all one theme so they would make a more unified hanging in my room once we were done. That didn't happen. I tried doors and things to do with doors for my first two. Then things just didn't work out the way I planned and I jumped all over the place from there. Tonight I will try to post again with all of my 12 x 12s to date in a collage. 

Until then, quilt your hearts out! I have to head back to work after two snow days. Let's hope I make it to work in one piece. It not I guess I'll have to call my quilty friends to stitch me back together!