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Friday, April 26, 2013

Friday Off and Running

A beautiful day off in Virginia Beach.  Hubby worked on the yard while I sprayed a quilt-as-you-go block for the Modern Japanese BOM to get it ready to quilt. I actually began quilting on it, in fact.  I am not sure what number this is, but for me it's number 5. I got out of order and confused at some point but I'll get back on track. I layered and sprayed my baby quilt as well. I will work on that tomorrow after work or Sunday. 

Next, I drug out some curtain panels I bought at Ikea around Christmas. I hemmed and hung one set on my large window soon after we bought them but I had inadvertently bought too many large panels. I decided to cut them down to fit a couple of other windows. I took one of the large panels...sliced it in half...

Then I hemmed the sides I sliced and the bottoms. They are lined so it took a little bit to get the casings to work right and finish all the sides. And they came un-hemmed. Now Hubby has another task for Sunday..hang the rods and change out the first ones because they weren't very nice. I'll post another picture when I get the 2nd window hung. I want to make a small curtain for the back door as well. But that will be another day.

Here is part of our bumper crop of Irises we planted a couple of years ago. These are the yellow ones...

And the purples...

Of course, with the beautiful flowers come the lovely dreaded weeds. Today we found a mega thistle in one front flower bed. This sucker is about 24" tall and has maybe 7 blossoms ready to open.

Here's a closer look. Check out those flower pods...

As bad as the thistle is, I can handle that...the poison ivy that is intertwined around everything in our yard is another story! I seriously think we have more than one type but this one I know intimately. Leaves of three...leave them be! 

I hope you all had a day as lovely as ours here, although I hear our relatives in WI had snow yet again today! Enough of that's SPRING...


  1. Ok, I'm following through bloglovin now. And I'm commenting so you can see if it comes through! Your cutting table was so clean!

  2. I moved everything somewhere else to give me room! LOL

  3. What I meant to say is,"OMG! Who stole all my stuff?!"