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Monday, April 29, 2013

Weekend Finishes and What's Up Next

Sunday, I finished the curtain panels for my smaller side window in the kitchen. I worked all day Saturday. My husband helped me hang new hardware and get the panels up. Here is the first window I already had done. 

This is the smaller window on the side. You can also see the new hardware a little more.

Here's another shot of the new curtains up!

I also quilted the next block for my Japanese Modern BOM on Flickr.

Here are my first 5 blocks for that BOM. It's a quilt as you go technique.

I also began quilting a baby quilt I am making for a friend. The first picture is of the back because the quilting shows up more. 

Here is a shot of the front in progress. If you look really close and make it larger, you might be able to see the giraffe on the front. It's quite subtle!

I'm done for the night. I have this quilt, one more quilt in progress and one 12 X 12 to finish by May 18 for the VBMQG. Wish me luck!


  1. Curtains look great. I need to replace my great room curtains, but can't think of what I need to put up. The baby quilt is a quick, but good looking project. Was that pattern in a magazine or what? I teach my last class at Sarah's Thimble tonight. Double Irish Chain.

    1. It was from a magazine. The back I saw something like it in another magazine but then I couldn't find it so I made my own. I am not sure where I got the pattern. If I find it, I'll let you know. I would have posted it otherwise. I try to do that but sometimes I just can't find them again! Sheesh...have fun on your last class. The space there is so small. I know it's better now but still small. Was that challenging? See you at Sarah's Saturday!

  2. The BOM make a nice collection. I need to make new curtains for my living room.