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Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Sew Sunday or not

So I did not figure out how to link with Sew Sunday but I did get my things done! Here's a couple of close-up of the giraffe I made for baby Zach's Quilt. I got it all button-hole stitched down so it won't ravel when it's washed.

Here is the last block I completed for the Modern Japanese BOM on Flickr. Modern Japanese BOM

I used the cool templates I got at the Mid-Atlantic Quilt Festival from Quilter's Rule, the small feather tool to do the outer border on this block.Quilter's RuleSmall Feather Tool .I didn't find any directions Sunday, so this is what I did just messing around. Not too shabby. The straight lines I did with the Line Tamer Template which I love for straight lings.

I got a "stitch" in my lower back a few days ago. I went to my chiropractor yesterday after work and before our dance class. Alas, it is still hurting pretty bad. I may either have to go back or just wait for it to calm down. I haven't had my back lock up in almost 40 years. I sure hope it doesn't now! At any rate, I am taking tonight to just chill out and rest my back. It will probably be Friday before I get any more sewing time. Tonight we're watching The Hobbit!

Keep Quilting...may your lines be straight, your stitches true...and no frog stitching ever annoy you!

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