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Sunday, April 14, 2013

Zippered Bag Project

Let me begin this post with a little history. In 2007 or 2008 I had a group at the library where I work that I put together to teach how to make a quilt that would be a visual history of our local area. The quilt took the shape of a bookshelf quilt with pictures of the area from long ago and items on the shelves that reminded us of the area. It took the group 18 months to complete the quilt which I finished and quilted.  I would love to post a photo of our quilt but I can't locate a photo at this time.

After we finished this quilt, the ladies wanted to continue to meet. Many of the ladies were not quilters but we all enjoyed a variety of crafts. So, we came up with a name "Crafters Anonymous" and met monthly for a couple of more years. Finally the economy tanked and libraries decided to cut back on adult programming. My group, not wanting to disband, moved next door to the Senior Resource Center where they still meet today without my guidance. I try to make a meeting here and there when they meet on a day I'm not working.

This month, Holly Fox, a local weaver and fellow crafter, is leading the group to make an adorable zippered bag for which she found a free pattern and tutorial online at (Check out Terry's website to get the free pattern and see her tutorial. Thanks for the great bag, Terry!)

The size of the group this month is about 16 or 17 when normally about 8 come. Knowing that they might need a little extra help, I offered to sew the bag ahead of time myself so I could help if needed. Holly brought me the two samples below so I could see the finished bags.

 Aren't they the cutest? Above are the front views and below the backs.

Below is my sample. I decided to cut my own fabrics and do the whole thing from scratch so I'd be more familiar with all aspects of this pattern. The fabric I chose is the new Comma line by Zen Chic which I purchased from Pink Chalk Fabrics.

 And of course, here's the back of my bag.

Live long and prosper, my friends!


  1. I like your use of the Comma fabric. I am making a quilt that is orange, gray and pink.

  2. Looks good Peggy! I think we will have a lot of fun. I can't believe you only made one bag and quit. I love your fabric choices... I am working on "destashing" so no. New cool new

  3. Holly...I only do what time permits. I will probably cut out another one to do tomorrow if I have time today. I'm sort of expecting people to need quite a bit of help, though. But if I don't finish it then, I can do one later. I'm just to darn busy!