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Tuesday, May 14, 2013

So, What Has That Right Coast Qwilltr Been Up to, Anyway?

Okay, so posting to my blog is NOT the answer! That's something I need to work on but I think I'm doing the best I can with the time I have. 

I have finally taken pictures of two finished quilts. Yes, I did say finished! See there, I have done something!  Below is a Round Robin my friends, Mary, Shelley, Amy and I participated in in 2012, I think for the Richmond Modern Quilt Guild. I think my quilt turned out fantastic! I wish I would have taken pictures each time I got it back but I didn't. 

And here's the back...

Here are some photos of my baby quilt for Zachary Dimitrova  Dimitrov finally finished! My husband and I are thinking that because Kremena's last name is Dimitrova and her husband, Georgi's is Dimitrov...that the "a" at the end denotes females. That said Baby Z is a Dimitrov...not Dimitrova! They are from Bulgaria. I learned something I didn't know. 

The picture below shows the giraffe on the right side subtly showing through in the quilting.

Here is the front quilted.

And here is the giraffe I decided should peek around the back side!

The quilt photos below are a Charlotte Angotti kit I started in Houston a few years 2009?I didn't purchase her add-on for the borders. Now it needs more. So which do you think looks better....This?

Or this?


Or this?

Or do you think I need to do some kind of pieced border? I welcome all ideas! Please give me your thoughts because I'm sort of stumped right now. I think I may like the tan coral fabric for the first border best. What do you think?


  1. I think you need a darker border at some part.
    I sent you a newspaper article from the Charlottesville paper. It is coming by interoffice mail. I am teaching at Sarah's.

  2. Peggy, I love Zachary's quilt! I am pretty sure he will love it, too. Thank you so much!