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Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Finishes, Re-dos and Beginnings

A week or so ago, I posted some photos of my spare bedroom/sewing overflow. It was in the midst of total chaos as I weeded down the fabrics in drawers, found places for items just thrown on the bed and straightened whatever could be straightened. It still looks cramped and full but at least it's organized.

Then I decided I didn't like the way I quilted my Pink 12 X 12. So, I took all the quilting out except the edge finish and the echo quilting around my cone flower. The color is a bit off, pardon that but until I get the photo editing program I like, I can't seem to get it better. I love  how the grid lines make the flower really stand out. Before I had sort of loop-de-loops and leaves which sound great but, in fact, really did nothing to accentuate the design. I hope this has done the job. Another reason I took it out and re-did the quilting was the tension on the back didn't satisfy me. I thought it looked great fine until I looked closer at the back and found eyelash loops around all the circles indicating the bottom tension was too loose. My photo cut the top trim off but trust me, it's there. 

The last picture is the charity quilt I'm going to put together for the VBMQG (Virginia Beach Modern Quilt Guild). I had to take a few of the blocks out because I realized someone used something very stretchy. That could become very problematic to whomever quilts it, not to mention to me when I try to make them all fit together. I try not to be too picky on charity quilts but some things just have to be right. I may move it around more when I get those blocks replaced...we'll see.

Until we meet again...

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